Yoga Burn Review, how it changes the way I do Yoga

I was told about the importance of yoga for a healthy lifestyle but I didn’t get to try it until recently. For some reason, I wasn’t understanding the importance and the benefits that yoga might bring to my life and I admit that I did have a certain level of scepticism regarding this type of workout. Until I discovered Yoga Burn, a program that completely revolutionized my life in many forms. And now that I know all the positive impacts that Yoga Burn can have on a person, I decided to share it with all of you.

My life before Yoga Burn

They say the first step into finding the solution for your problems is acknowledgement. In other words, you can’t fix a problem before identifying it. And my life had many problematic aspects in it just a few months ago. To begin with, I wasn’t satisfied with my appearance. I gained quite a bit of weight along the past years and I didn’t seem able to lose it, in spite of the numerous diets and workout programs that I tried. But this was just what could be seen on the outside. When I started analysing my mood and my emotional state, I wasn’t in a good place in that aspect either. I would get depressed quite often and I have alienated most of my friends. Basically, my social life, as well as my professional life, were struggling because I wasn’t feeling good with myself. Of course, lack of concentration and yield came soon after. So, I had to do something to get my life back together! But I wasn’t sure where to start. And that’s where I was standing when I came across Yoga Burn.

What is Yoga Burn

I discovered Yoga Burn through a friend of mine, one of the few I had left due to my unexplained anxiety issues, who was always passionate about sport and health. She was also a fan of the Indian culture, which I grew to love a lot along the way as well. She also thought that Yoga Burn was just the right type of yoga I needed in my life. And she wasn’t wrong about that at all!

Yoga Burn is also popular under the nickname “Her yoga secrets” and it is a program designed exclusively for women. Yoga Burn is built around 12 weeks of yoga practices, as the author Zoe Bray Cotton intentioned it. What is great about this program is that it’s suitable for beginners, just like I was. You don’t need to know much, or anything at all, about yoga in order to enjoy these 12 weeks. The entire yoga strategy is based on the Dynamic Sequencing type of workout which allows you to eliminate the fat you don’t need on your body as well as positively impact your life altogether.

The program comes in three phases and two bonuses that will guide you in every aspect of it so you don’t need any additional help to completely transform your life. Let me introduce you to the basic principles of this program so you have a better understanding of it:

  • The Foundational Flow phase

The first phase of Yoga Burn is meant to get you familiar with the program. You will learn how to perform the most important poses and how to control your body during the next exercises. I remember that I knew nothing about such things before I discovered Yoga Burn. But it almost came natural to learn them and I had plenty of fun doing it. In this first part of the program, I learned maybe the most important aspect of it which is how to connect my mind with my body. This is the secret of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

  • The Transitional Flow phase

The transitional flow will help you connect the poses you learned previously, in order to create a flow motion. It was quite fun to go from one pose to the next without having to stop and think about what should I do to continue my workout. And it was a very nice phase to go through as well.

  • The Mastery Flow phase

But if you want to become an expert at yoga, you can’t do that without going through the last important phase of the program. Here, you will learn to take everything you have learned previously, to a new level. This mastery flow is also the part that helps you work to improve your metabolism and eliminate that fat that you always wanted to get rid of.

  • Bonuses

You will not get just the three main phases when you order the Yoga Burn program but also two bonuses to complete your workout routine. The first one is a set of audio classes that go along with the entire program and the second bonus is a tranquillity flow which will allow you to relax and focus on yourself. I admit that I enjoyed these bonuses a lot, especially the tranquillity one which comes with a set of poses meant to relax your entire body and calm your spirit and mind.

Who is Zoe Bray Cotton

The author of Yoga Burn, Zoe Bray Cotton is a firm believer in a woman’s power to transform her life for the better. She is a certified Yoga instructor and fitness trainer with many years of studying and experience in her life. Zoe is specialized in relaxation yoga and she loves to spend one on one sessions with her students in order to introduce them to the secrets of this workout that can easily become a lifestyle. Because women are so challenged nowadays, Zoe put together the Yoga Burn program which combines exercises for weight loss with intense techniques of relaxation.

The benefits of Yoga Burn

As you probably guessed by now, Yoga Burn brings a lot of benefits to your life. I know it did miracles to mine! But before diving into my personal experience with it, let’s take a look at the most important benefits that you can reach by following this program!

  • It is a great yoga program for beginners

As I mentioned before, you don’t need to be an expert to try out Yoga Burn. Eva Bray Cotton put this program together in order to be suitable for people just like you and me, who never had anything to do with yoga. If you are at a higher level when it comes to yoga, it can only be a big plus but not a requirement. You will learn everything step by step and what is more important is that you will learn how to do yoga the right way.

  • You will definitely lose weight

If you are a skeptic like I was, this program will definitely prove you wrong. You don’t need to do extreme cardio to lose weight. You can achieve this goal by practising Yoga Burn and you will not even realize when the calories disappear because you will have a lot of fun doing it.

  • You learn to relax every part of your being

A happy life needs a happy mind and spirit which means that you will have to learn to relax. It sounds simple but many of us have no idea how to relax our mind and detach from daily stressful matters. Before starting Yoga Burn, I was so overwhelmed with all the stress in my life that I had to idea how to release it but I know there has to be a way to do that. And that is exactly what Yoga Burn does! It helps you get rid of all the things that no longer serve you, such as negative energy and low frequencies.

  • You can practice Yoga Burn in the comfort of your house

No more investments in complex yoga classes or equipment. No more personal trainers. As a matter of fact, no more trips outside the comfort of your house to practice yoga. You can start implementing Yoga Burn into your life as soon as you get the program. And everything can be done at home, where you can easily be yourself!

  • It will transform your life

Once you learn how to be more relaxed and you notice that the fat on your body is basically disappearing as days go by, your life will be the one that you always aimed to live. But this transformation is up to you and the amount of faith and work that you put in this program.

  • It’s a program created especially for women.

This is more important than you might think. Women like us have different needs and issues with their appearance which can have a direct impact on their self-esteem. The fact that Yoga Burn addresses all these issues makes it unique and subjective to our feminine nature. This is one of the reasons why it will most likely work better for you than any other yoga program.

  • 60-day money back

If you are not satisfied, Eva Bray Cotton is so confident in her program that will refund you the investment within 60 days. But the chances for someone not liking Yoga Burn are so close to zero that you will most likely not need to use this option. This program is built to meet everyone’s needs which is why it has no chance to fail.

How my life changed after I tried Yoga Burn and why do I recommend it

At first, I had to pay attention to Eva’s videos in an intensive way because I was so unfamiliar with the concept that she was introducing me to. I tried the basic poses several times until I was sure I did them the correct way. You will discover too, that it is crucial to learn how to control your body and pose correctly if you want maximum results from Yoga Burn. This is also why Eva Bray Cotton created the foundational flow phase. Once I mastered the poses and I learned how to connect them together into a complete flow, I could focus on the other aspects of the program such as the relaxation part.

As I discovered that I can actually relax my mind along with my body, I found peace. There’s a level of peace that I have never reached before in which I was completely aware of my body and I could be in harmony with it. I will be honest with you and admit that I did this program twice so far and I am getting ready to start it again. This is why I said it can easily become a lifestyle.

I remember that after just a few days of practising Yoga Burn, I felt like I was starting to be myself again. Actually, I was discovering a better side of me that I didn’t know I had before. My yield regarding everything I did was improving and I became a more confident person. I started having an active social life again and feel happy around people. But the best achievement I had was losing the weight that I always wanted to lose and being in touch with my mind, body and soul!

How to make Yoga Burn work for you

I know Yoga Burn did miracles for me and it can do the same for other women that struggle to find their balance and achieve the body they always wanted. But it needs a lot of involvement and dedication to bring the results that you are looking for. Here are some tips to make the most out of Yoga Burn that helped me tremendously!

  1. It takes discipline

Like any other workout program, Yoga Burn also needs discipline in order to function. You will need to stick with it and incorporate it into your schedule the best way you can. If you develop a chaotic way of doing yoga, your results will not be the ones you expect. And if you do lose weight, it will not be for long. Make your Yoga Burn exercises a priority in your life and by doing so, you will need to learn to love yourself and put you first!

  1. Focus and breathe

And it is not all about performing the exercises but how you perform them is quite important as well. Try to focus on breathing as you go from one pose to another. Don’t let your mind fly to stressful thoughts or any type of fear because you will damage the purpose of this program. You should try to stay as detached from your daily life as possible when you are into your Yoga Burn session.

  1. Keep your eyes on the prize

You want to live a better life and for that, you need to be happy with who you are. You want to lose weight and reach a level of relaxation that will allow you to enjoy your life more. Keep that in mind as you practice Yoga Burn and also try to maintain a positive attitude along the way!


I can’t stress enough about the importance that Yoga Burn had in my life and the way it radically changed it. I am a firm believer in the fact that Yoga Burn can change the way you look as well as the way you feel and this change will be visible for everyone else in your life. Just like I did, you will discover that you are capable of being a better woman and you will gain the confidence in your body that you always needed to have. You can purchase this program for $37 and you risk nothing by giving it a fair try. Plus, you can always take advantage of the 25% off promotion which allows you to get two Yoga Burn programs for only $57 if you want to enjoy it with a friend or a family member.