Jour 1 – le départ, enfin…..

Day 1 - The big departure, at last .....

Wednesday 22 th 2012

Sarah and her team finally jumped into the Atlantic for the big challenge. 22 th 2012 at 9am, local time, from Dakar is the beginig of a . 4000km race (2500 miles) for 25 day of crossing , a real human and sporting adventure.
Day after day, . You can follow the story of this extraordinary adventure through our logbook, published on the official blog of the crossing and the Facebook page of the challenge of Sarah Hebert, Windsurf Transatlantic 2012.

Day 1 - The big departure, at last .....
We have all been waiting for weeks, preparing and planning for the big event., and here it is. Starting yesterday , at 9am from Dakar, Senegal. As Sarah was facing this big ocean, Sarah exclaimed : "It's party, I can't stop it now !!
The air was full of tension but also amazing joy as the last preparations for the transatlantic were nearly done.. Rigging , the sail and tuning the board gave to Sarah an even greater feeling about what was going to happend. . The adrenaline took slowly over the stress as she carried her windsurf to the sea.. A last goodbye to all supporting friends on the beach, one last interview, and this was the start repeating : "Go gently Sarah, go easy , it will be long ".

Sarah had to wait at the end of the baie of N'Gor for Neptune the following Catamaran with ’ the, rest of the team. She could see the magic spot where perfect wave's were pleasing some luky surfeurs. ’ But that was not in this morning's programme, so no way, not this time !

After losing sight of Africa, the sun reached the zenith and the boat's sail was the only visible thing in the , horizon. The heat of Africa raised a foggy and misty atmosphere. It was like entering a gost town in the middle of nowhere.. Sarah could almost hum: I'm a poor lonesome cowgirl....

Beautiful meetings already, brief but magical with two turtles: a good omen because it is the favorite animal of Sarah Hebert. Birds, pieces of plastic and polystyrene also other, or unfortunately, we could say and even flying fish end of term.

Issue tracking and security, everything is in order and that the umbilical cord is the VHF is valuable to ensure and to coordinate our paces, sometimes joke.

We traveled 75 miles (135 Km). The wind was variable 13 77° f ( 23 nodes, the boat speed was between 8 to 20 nodes. The skipper of extreme opera his transfer to 16:30 on the boat for a well deserved rest after the excitement of opening day start and navigation.

It remained to keep the boat in a good position to wait for the best start
Today's scheduled early morning. This maintenance is very difficult in the middle of the ocean. We will do a multitude of tests to find the best compromise that allows us to save, as the boat and onboard energy.

After a good night on board, So we leave this morning.

Stay tuned for new adventures.

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  1. Dave Sandos
    23 February 2012

    Best of luck… what an adventure.. Go Girl..

    I look forward to following your progress…


  2. Sebastian
    23 February 2012

    Fair winds and happy to follow your adventures as you in your journey !

  3. Julian
    23 February 2012

    bon vent to Sarah toi , I want a very good crossing.

  4. Aurelia and his tribe
    23 February 2012

    yoooooo….here we go !!!is, does not laugh anymore !!! c'mon darling, Swallowing, waves, the wind, the sun ..;but .. I see you're barefoot on your float…do you want me to put your shoes !!!!'ll have to spoil your little feet, but not ! fortunately tatalili watching you !!!!very small up your cabbage rose, raiser that your complexion girl !!!!it does not leave you with a sole……and fleet tranquiiiiiille !!!!bekos big to you and your friends (they better be nice to my girlfriend !!!). biz turtle, flying fish and other sirens you'll meet….quel pieeeeed!!!!

  5. Lomic
    23 February 2012

    Hi Sarah, congratulations for this great start, I follow you with delight :).
    Remarks small bulk, Peter and also LiveSkipper. For Pierre, I do not know if it was he who shot / mounted video sequences prior to departure, no one could hear the questions of the interviewer, damage :). Pour LiveSkipper: Could it be the display of the distance on the live? We see the time but not distance, it would be interesting to add it if possible.
    Sarah bon vent! Saves the machine and continues to make us dream ;)

  6. Jacky Meunier
    23 February 2012

    It is taped to our screens, and it follows you with a lot of emotions.
    Take advantage of these many hours of incredible ocean
    A Jacky

  7. wan
    23 February 2012

    great sarah………fly beyond the sea! aloha

  8. Jerome
    23 February 2012

    Sarah good wind, we are all with you Heart,

  9. Gil and Dany
    23 February 2012

    A little apprehensive but especially proud of our sporting !
    Big hugs We're with you !

  10. Christian Koester
    23 February 2012

    Very nice start Sarah ,, I will folow you every days ,, rip it ,, Aloha ,, Lol !!

  11. Nico T
    23 February 2012

    The blow too hard on the heart racing internet!! We also do a nice drawing too!


  12. David and William
    23 February 2012

    Lots of good things for this adventure bmagnifique! We follow you from Caledonia.

  13. steph of mont-dore
    23 February 2012

    gonna miss it shows them what you are capable, I support you from our stone… good luck !!

  14. Cecile
    23 February 2012

    What a wonderful project ! And above what an adventure.
    I will follow with great pleasure your advanced, from Quebec.

  15. OFF 71
    24 February 2012

    all the best Sarah, nice and steady as she goes!

  16. Aline GUEMAS
    24 February 2012

    Friends of Richard and Sylvie, and living in Noumea, we wish you to succeed your dream. Fair winds and the waves carry you across the ocean. We follow you every day (LNC, RFO…and magic of the internet…). Good luck and good luck. Aline, Francis and friends of Yaba……

  17. paradise
    24 February 2012

    Great windsurfing on the first days! Now you have to find your rhythm to continue. I have started on my own virtual windsurfer in Liveskipper under the name Paradise and try to windsurf alongside you all the way to the arrival point.

    I also have made a google+ page to accumulate some interesting information and links to Sarah’s site and some of her video’s.

    fair winds.

  18. Peter
    24 February 2012

    Praying for God’s protection on your adventure.

  19. News of courage (SARAH HEBERT) & Farewell to a legent (HAROLD IGGY) – thanks to NAISH WINDSURFING « Hitthewave
    24 February 2012

    [...] DAY 1 report (You can switch to French/English from top right of Sara’s page) [...]

  20. Didier Labau
    24 February 2012

    Bonjour Sarah,

    This is a veteran of windsurfing, former co-record holder with Gil's “Carcans-Melbourne ” ( record cata unfortunately never counterpart ) hello and following your achievement.

    Good wind ,lots of fun,the weatherstripping Ginette on arrival.
    Costa-Rica du Kisses… (Central America)
    Pura-Vida !

  21. Myriam
    24 February 2012

    We follow you daily and you expect to firm up in St Francis.
    Good crossing.

  22. Hervé Pierrot
    24 February 2012

    The Cape Verde Islands, distance? Good Wind

  23. Arlette Welsh
    26 February 2012

    All shuss for fresh start. Kisses of Finistére.

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