Le départ de Sarah est repoussé

Sarah's departure is delayed

Sarah Hebert 's departure is finaly rescheduled to tomorow Wednesday 22 nd February at 7:30 am local time (8h30 – French time (07h30 utc)) from Almadies in Dakar (Senegal).

The final preparations of the Following boat forced Sarah and her team to postpone her departure to the next morning. It was originally planned to be today (02/21/2012 at 04.00 pm (local time).

Sarah and her team are now preparing to reach the Bay of N'Gor. They will stay there overnight before leaving early the next morning. Everything is finally ready and Sarah is looking forward to embarking on the challenge !



  1. Todd Mercil
    21 February 2012

    The time has finally arrived. With the wind at your back, I wish you the best of luck.

  2. Christian Koester
    21 February 2012

    Good Luck Sarah , and sucess full on your Challenger !!

  3. Monique SIMON
    21 February 2012

    Congratulations ! I am with you to 100 %, You are the strongest and bravest.
    Monique, carrier def. also.

  4. Francisco
    21 February 2012

    Good winds, good winds, bons vents!
    Port, Portugal

  5. Guy Capra
    22 February 2012

    In 3/4 of hours you normally slender : and the wind and waves will transport you and our prayers and our hearts you bear !

  6. dENIS
    22 February 2012


  7. deal2sport
    22 February 2012

    go and , hoardings and have fun !! felicitations

  8. Jeff Mazauskas
    22 February 2012

    What an exceptional young woman you are! Your courage, bravery and determination are stunning. It is clear you are more than up to the challenge. Please, know that you take the prayers and best wishes for success of so many of us with you, on your voyage. Be well, Godspeed and Safe-Home, Sarah Hebert…..

  9. Matthew TAILLEFER
    22 February 2012

    Straight ahead and not fall into that icy water my little cousin!

    Your old cousin who is following you closely.

  10. Aurelia and his tribe
    22 February 2012

    come on my hen ! Top Fuel all believed that ocean, and zigzags between tiger sharks, it seems they have very hungry these days !!!! a drink on the boat is at what time???!!my great good luck, we follow you to the trace;;;interest you do not fall!!!!!

  11. Emmanuel
    22 February 2012

    All the best Sarah and have fun. Stong & safe

  12. miguel ferreira Mouta
    22 February 2012

    Wise team, safed sailor. Preparation is all. Have a nice start you star and crew !

  13. paul-henri
    22 February 2012

    Good luck,for I am with a disability
    Birth,You are an example.

  14. carlo
    23 February 2012

    sarah hold on, I’m with you all the windsurfers!!! Hello Carlo

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