Sarah Hébert a repris la mer ce matin, direction de la Guadeloupe

Sarah Hebert is back , Guadeloupe will be the next stop

Sarah Hebert started this morning at 10:00 local time (11h00 Paris time). With winds between 20 to 23 knots breez, Sarah is part equipped with a veil 5,8 meters and a board 110 litres. Sarah and her team were forced to make a technical stop on Sal island following an incident during a perilous equipment.

Sarah a repris donc la mer, with its experience, and said more than ready to meet the daily challenges that await. Before taking off this morning, Sarah told us of his determination : "I was eager to return to the sea, to feel again the wind rush in my sail. A day of beautiful slides of the Atlantic swell waiting for me. The pit stop allowed me to do some catching up and read the messages of encouragement to all those ashore after this adventure. Their support is a real motivation to help me and give everything up this challenge. "



  1. Cyril de Bernis
    26 February 2012

    Go Sarah!!
    With all of the heart is possible, and with the wind it's even cooler!

  2. Hugues Van Reet
    26 February 2012

    All my best wishes of success for this unconventional challenge that highlights the courage and selflessness of a young woman in love with the sport and especially the sea . The sea is his element as she says in several repeortages. Windsurfing is fortunate to count among its ranks this tiny woman who could teach more than one.
    I am a little sad that this challenge is not more media coverage , challenge that deserves more pub than this for the great message it conveys “With all of the heart is possible”
    Congratulations also to the team following Sarah both on the water than on land, only, there is nothing, two or more, it is.
    Hugues Van Reet (modeste windsurfeur Belge de 49 years, support of Sarah)

  3. given
    26 February 2012

    kept the moral despites stop this and good luck

  4. Gwenhael
    26 February 2012

    It's wonderful what you do. You are a model will, tenacity for many… and for me.
    My thoughts are with you every day. Hang.

  5. Foubert Thierry
    26 February 2012

    Allez Sarah, Britain is full with you, I'm really appreciative that before you realize.
    Thierry Foubert (sports instructor and windsurfer !..)

  6. Roland Fourny
    26 February 2012

    Sublime in every way, I have no other words to describe yourself, you and your incredible adventure in the heart will !
    Congratulations and thank you for those indescribable emotions that we feel you follow.

  7. James
    26 February 2012

    We watch you… Men or Women, it must be to live your dreams, exist and to inspire others to move. To each his own project, to each his adventure, the principal is to try, to believe and live intense moments of emotion and truth.
    Thank you for the example and good success in your adventure. I will continue to follow with great interest your breath and your furrow….

  8. d
    26 February 2012

    good luck for the future !!
    You seem to be distributed from the Cape Verde, why did you not distributed to where you lost your phone ??

  9. jean robert-j-r dit jeunes windsurfeur guadeloupe
    26 February 2012

    All is possible with you was great I hope I will not miss you coming to Saint-François .
    And as friends and myself are fan of you we will come in a nice tone Honor !!! good luck !!!!!!!!
    ps : you are waiting with eager (Guadeloupe) and windsurfer

  10. Seb Coupy
    26 February 2012

    I myself made a long journey but much less (Meeting in Mauritius Kite there is a little over a year). It took me a lot of preparation time and a lot of energy and I savored every day such benefits.
    I know what you are enduring right now, relishes, you have done everything to be there, you're ready and you deserve. I'll feel full of confidence, you will go after. Many would like to take your place. Regale you, do you dream of many people around you.

  11. Arnaud
    26 February 2012

    the adventure is good for you and all your team !

  12. Ondrej
    26 February 2012

    Velmi drzim prsty pri tvojej ceste cez atlantik,nalozila si si riadny naklad to ti poviem ale verim ze to zvladnes.Vela stastia,pozdravujem zo Slovenska.

  13. Annie
    27 February 2012

    Finally some ! I imagine the happiness that prepares you for all that long ago and put so much “heart”. In any case, The Caledonia is behind you ! Dark and you knockouts ;-) !

  14. yvouille
    27 February 2012

    yesss!!!! Strength but copine!! I follow you from the bottom of my desk .. Koutchiiiiii

  15. Regitz
    27 February 2012

    we are waiting in Guadeloupe, good luck !

  16. Chris LaFontaine
    27 February 2012

    Go Sarah! Best of luck on this incredible journey.

  17. xav
    27 February 2012

    Adventure that closely follows ! Good luck and good luck Sarah.

  18. thomas
    27 February 2012

    what an adventure !!!!!!!

    I'm with atention every day

    good luck

  19. Aline GUEMAS
    27 February 2012

    This “little setback” has only strengthen your desire to contiuer. Bravo à Toi Sarah! We're all with you and it's a pleasure to follow you every morning from Noumea.

  20. paradise
    28 February 2012

    Hi Sarah , hope all goes well. The last day sialing in stronger winds, but alla ..a smaller sail must have been exhausting when also the waves are bigger. What happened to your tracker ? I have not seen in moving on the map yesterday , Monday that is. I hope today will show it moving again. Carry-On, I am windsurfing right beside you; in the virtual LiveSkipper that is :)

  21. Jacques
    28 February 2012

    I follow you, it follows you, we follow you from the “stone”, courage Sarah, all of New Caledonia is behind you…we are proud of our pretty and New Caledonian, How will! kisses from us…Jacques.

  22. Aldo Allasio
    28 February 2012

    Best wishes for this amazing challenge, Sarah!

    From our heart to yours.
    Enjoy the ride! We enjoy the updates on your progress!
    Bon vent

  23. Aurelia and his tribe
    28 February 2012

    and here we go again, my chick ! I collect all items of local newspapers who do not hesitate to call you “Morbihan” or “quarnacoise” Sarah !!!!mdr, we know we, you are a citizen of the sea !!!!through the dla ! will, it catches up quickly this small delay unimportant and is doubling up ptits punches that you are anxiously awaiting, on the other side of the ocean…..think of the delicious fruit juice and you're going to engulf the arrival ..;hummmmm….we warmly embrace you from the bottom of the garden Breton….!!!good luck sweetie, that the force of the wind gods be with you always !

  24. Jelcz
    28 February 2012

    Go Sarah,
    Stopy wody pod kilem :)
    greetings from Polish Mountains
    ant take care

  25. Aurelia and his tribe
    28 February 2012

    oup! I think I confused the captain with the physio….miles apologies gentlemen….but the land, much like a smurf another schtroupmpf!!!!hihi!!!the dippy reourne that his vegetable garden….all, continue to make us dream…..

  26. given
    28 February 2012

    I regret that this feat when metropole is not covered
    I am wholeheartedly with ( you ) you
    This is a piss I leve in the morning tending to you
    Good luck

  27. Dennis & Femke
    28 February 2012

    Go for it Sarah, you can do it!! RESPECT!!!

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