Sarah Hébert s’est élancée de Dakar ce matin…

Sarah Hebert's departure from Dakar: 9 am this morning

Sarah Hebert began her fantastic altantic crossing this morning. She left Dakar at 9.00 o'clock this morning followed by the whole team on the catamaran.
She as already sailed 4 hours through out the Atlantic. You can follow Sarah's position , here is his position



  1. Lawrence
    22 February 2012

    Bravo Sarah. Great challenge in perspective. Heart goes out to you to accompany you on this journey. Whole family and all the friends you kiss. good t Wind :)

    Big Hugs, Lawrence & Co

  2. The
    22 February 2012

    You're wonderful good luck enjoy yourself well!

  3. LELIEVRE Bertrand
    22 February 2012

    Bonsoir Sarah,
    Congratulations on this tremendous challenge. I guess it's a relief to leave Dakar, especially with current events, and at the same time a certain “anxiety” that to take off. So shit for the rest, live the madness that drives us to challenge ourselves and to break down walls and borders that enclose us. Find your peaceful and serene pace for this extraordinary first night, Rest you well and continue to keep us in suspense. We follow, support and know that drunkenness is suspended in the harness straps…….
    Good night.

  4. Suratna
    23 February 2012

    Fantastic Sarah. The first miles are behind you! Great. It is now a mater of go-on. I am sailing a windsurfer in LiveSkipper with you on the same race. Our course has some deviations however to compensate your nightly rest. Anyone who like to windsurf alongside Sarah, log on to and start the windsurf race, surf alongside Sarah and if you want you can stop “anchor” your windsurfer to enjoy a good night sleep. Hope to see many of you.

  5. David
    23 February 2012

    Congratulations on your courage and your dedication, and a thousand wishes for your challenge.

  6. Hervé Pierrot
    23 February 2012

    Sarah good wind
    Thank you for involving us in your will to fight the gloom.

  7. stephane
    23 February 2012

    sarah good
    Your adventure reminds me very good memories (skateboarder since the 80) where outputs were off with a special material less reliable than today. but what fun !!Happy surfing

  8. patrick and agnes
    24 February 2012

    all courage to be admired
    all of New Caledonia is behind
    good road and take care of yourself

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