« Je suis à bout de forces, ma vie en dépend, j’abandonne, pour cette fois-ci! »

"I'm exhausted, my life depends on it, I give up, for this time! »

Sarah Hebert has decided to end his challenge to preserve his health well jeopardized in recent days. Sarah Hebert met many difficulties in recent days. The sea is formed continuously, between 3m and 5m swells, day and night, Does double winds blow constantly and his journey to 25 nodes on average. The wave system crossed and the permanent maintenance of the boat during the night near the last GPS point where Sarah left off the previous day are all elements that forced Sarah to push beyond his limits and then. It has thus experienced and endured the pain, the difficulties, be faced without compromising, with all the energy and combativeness that such a challenge requires. But then, Sunday's episode has sent a strong signal : do not attempt the impossible risking his life !

Sunday Sarah lived a very serious warning, one whose body and mind remember to get you to think and act accordingly. In dizzy, at the edge of unconsciousness with a symptom of altered spatial representation, she immediately asked to join the ship there (re)ask to regain strength.

Sarah has unfortunately not had the opportunity to benefit from a lull to retype. The ocean and the winds, whatsoever during his sailing days or during the nights on board, have been due to his sleep, recovery and never ever disturbed by the shocks suffered outsized both on the water as the boat.

Starting yesterday , Sarah consulted his medical staff on the ground by satellite phone. Given her symptoms, and consistent with the physio, his doctor and the crew now on board, the diagnosis was : Sarah suffers from anemia. A lack of iron can not be compensated on board. Last thursday, without medical treatment and adequate nutrition, without a rest and sleep rebuilders, Sarah can not recover his health to brave the elements which raged again and again.

Sarah is launching this morning. The courage, She tried everything to leave, but too low, she quickly realized that the adventure ended, here and now.

"The adventure is beautiful, hard but magical. I have no regrets. All I've lived before being on the ocean and during the feedthrough is incredible. This will forever burn in me. I will analyze all this once rested, but I already know that neither my preparation, or my equipment, nor the heart that I set to work can not be questioned. Sometimes you just accept its limitations, that of the body says stop, to avoid the worst. Although I limping along, I see only the best for now. I learned about myself, on the ocean and the open sea and the whole experience will be useful in the future to meet new challenges ", Sarah told us by phone at the moment.

Sarah is currently based on the boat follower who follows his own road to St. Francis. Their arrival will be a priori Sunday 11 March in the day, This obviously depending on sea conditions and wind, which for the moment, are still extreme.



  1. Martin
    6 March 2012

    You have my admiration, for trying, for making us dream and especially for the great courage that allows you to both of you embark on the adventure, but also see to know its limitations. The adventure continues in you, do not doubt, you opened a door that is not ready to close. Good ! And good luck !

  2. Emmanuel
    6 March 2012

    Wholeheartedly with you, courage Sarah & welcome back to earth

  3. eric
    6 March 2012

    Who has never tried to navigate would be one hour on the same board can not measure the challenge you are attacked. Honestly, it seemed really feasible to hold as long and the images clearly show how the wind angle shot made the nav hyper sensitive and exhausting. Under these conditions, in arriving there is a real achievement and we are all aware. A huge congratulations and thank you for letting us live this great adventure.

  4. Low
    6 March 2012

    i feel you went above & beyond …
    you went further in achieving your dream than anybody else did or could.
    You even lived it, you did it, you walked, you won.

  5. Nico T
    6 March 2012

    Congratulations on this lesson in courage, wisdom and combativeness.

    Thank you for this great adventure, it was great to follow you. Hoping to get other projects, also well-crafted as this one. You have gained experience that few people will ever have in their lives. Certainly, frustration must be large, but it is much less than the distance you've traveled and the work and motivation you put into this crossing.

    Hats off, Congratulations to you and the team, quickly resume your strength, we expect the DVD of the crossing forward!!


  6. Jean-Yves
    6 March 2012

    Health and safety first, it is only part remise.La next time lucky, I am sure.
    Friendships of a holder of DEF

  7. deal2sport
    6 March 2012

    your disappointment must be at our admiration …
    welcome back
    Take advantage of the end of passage.
    biz little mermaid !..

  8. Jean-Marc
    6 March 2012

    What a nice track, what a great lesson of courage and selflessness, what a wonderful adventure you made us live Sarah. Wise decision to give up time to know when the elements of Mother Nature are too strong – despite the obvious desire to continue – and that your health is in league against all the best will in the world. Abandonment does not diminish the quality of your achievements; it is only part postponed ! A big congratulations and a huge respect for the athletic woman who fights for many years to advance a noble cause: with the heart, anything is possible. It is now a certainty for you are living proof that one can overcome many hardships despite extreme disabilities cardiac ! Humbling !

  9. vaness29
    6 March 2012

    it is only a postponement! we admire your courage. With my class cCE1 CE2 we followed your adventures on a daily basis (super blog), we wait impatiently for your new adventures!
    good end of transatlantic

  10. Denis Brisson
    6 March 2012

    It is good’ have tried,it's nice to have been able to stop in time,it does not erase our admiration
    Thank you,you made me want to learn .. 60 years!

  11. Philippe
    6 March 2012

    Chapeau Sarah ! you have not abandoned, since you are now in the middle of the Atlantic, and you've had time to experience the greatest moments you were waiting for a long time. In any quest, the key is still in progress, much more than in the destination.
    Take advantage of this crossing and wood punch to the health of land.

  12. Loïc " Gustave Loco" the Live Skipper
    6 March 2012

    Grand respect, it was still a damn p *** long edge !!!
    thank you for the dream, poetry and pictures and see you soon … for new adventures !

  13. Arlette Welsh
    6 March 2012

    Congratulations sarah what you did was great but LIFE is more expensive than a challenge!! See you soon big kisses and Finistère. !!

  14. Neptuno Team
    6 March 2012


  15. Nico.b
    6 March 2012

    Encore bravo sarah,your adventure was great to follow , good crossing.

  16. gerard
    6 March 2012

    Congratulations Sarah for doing so has soon has the almanarre kisses southern and hwo

  17. Caroline 33
    6 March 2012

    You can be proud of you Sarah, you got beaten till after you were born to this project we will be there for the next !!!We embrace you strong Caro and Pierrot

    6 March 2012

    With all my heart with you, no one should imagine your disappointment but wisdom must prevail. You're still young and I'm sure this is only a postponement.
    Anyway congratulations again and may soon be challenged to Gruissan.

  19. Hugues MARCHAT
    6 March 2012

    congratulations for this project that requires energy and determination to mount
    bravo for each day of sailing remains a feat
    bravo for the courage to go through with your resources
    Good luck for your return, rests you to go to new exploits

  20. Mathis
    6 March 2012

    BRAVO Sarah Grand! I follow you from the beginning and you did not finish us enthusiasts.

    A kiss from Britain Soon.

  21. Raynald Masson
    6 March 2012

    Dear Sarah,
    Bravo for having gone after your dreams and yourself; Credit Agricole in Britain and Handicap Employment in CA are pleased and proud to be by your side as partners.
    Put yourself to the test. You have the resources to bounce back and temparament
    See you in earth Morbihan!
    The part of employees and directors of Crédit Agricole in Britain

  22. vincent
    6 March 2012

    Chapeau bas Sarah ! Bravo for all courses conducted, preparing to nav ! You got something to be super proud ! Thank you for this great demonstration of courage, now, take care of yourself, you recovered quickly ….Vincent

  23. fido-dido
    6 March 2012

    mega respect.
    good rest before exciting new adventures

  24. Fred
    6 March 2012

    Congratulations Sarah and thank you for this great dream board with you. Rest in peace.

  25. claire
    6 March 2012

    The main quality of a marine, is humility. Learn to know your limits, and accept, this is the hardest. What you've done so far is incredible, you have my admiration flawless! You recovered quickly, and continues to live your dreams fully!! Good!!!!

  26. raf
    6 March 2012

    Thank you for making us dream, still huge by these days !!!

  27. Christophe
    6 March 2012

    Bravo Sarah ,
    You made the right decision to, the

  28. MeltemiISW194
    6 March 2012

    I admire the courage, not everyone is groped a company like that
    Gianluca (Milan)

  29. LOLO
    6 March 2012

    Big big kisses!
    This challenge was at the height of attention skills! You can q'en out even stronger!

  30. Philou
    6 March 2012

    This is only a postponement!!! Good recovery. Of course it is necessary to preserve. Was a challenge from HUGE. Kisses and admiration…

  31. Aloha
    6 March 2012

    Good , it's already monumental that you have made , small compared to our shores along our coast .
    A thought for Vincent Mellouet , talented windsurfer ,which must admire where it is ……..
    Welcome back to the world of land and still BRAVO

  32. Paul
    6 March 2012

    You can be proud of you Sarah and you have nothing to regret, you were after your physical capabilities…Life's , this one still full challenges in store for you…So again Congratulations to you and your team…soon in Noumea, Full of Kisses,

  33. Bordelum
    6 March 2012

    This is only a postponement.
    Do not be discouraged, the challenge is beautiful, rather than grand.

  34. Domeniko S.
    6 March 2012

    Congratulation to you Sarah and whole team!
    I did small marathon, but what you did is beyond all my words that I can express! I hope you did not injured your self or will have some long term problems! Your health is only that matters!
    Also, I like the right way this trip wos planed-by stop-start at same point-anyway that wos one of big problems which maybe also drain to much power, but it wos 10x bigger achivement than one made by other windsurfers which have big ship that drive them while they sleep!
    I will tell your great story to kids at schooll! Wish you all best from my heart!

  35. Yannick
    6 March 2012

    When you see the wave height, waves, wind angle, it's already amazing to get there. Congratulations on your strength. When the sea is stronger, it is wisdom to stop. Maybe you'll learn something you did not expect. You were after that you could do, do not regret. This is already a magnificent example. Good recovery, in your body, and in your head.

  36. Peter
    6 March 2012

    Congratulations on your effort. The Lord has kept you safe. You have achieved a lot. You live for as an example for us all.

  37. David
    6 March 2012

    Congratulations all the same. Your courage and your determination are an example for all those who, in any field, decide to embark on a challenge where to try and overcome oneself and one’s own limits. My best wishes for your future and for all the challanges that you will face in the future. Thank you for everything, David.

  38. Christophe
    6 March 2012

    …Health comes first.
    For my part, a feat is not necessarily reached the end, an achievement and experience adventure and excitement out of the ordinary (And besides you shares).
    You can be proud of you, because people can can claim to have had the courage to launch it in such a challenge. Windsurfers , amateur or pro we all know how the impact on the physical navigation, after heavy sessions.
    So keep your head up and be proud of you to be accomplished.
    Thank you for your sponsors who trusted, and all your staff.
    I hope that the different media as stage 2 , thalassa , See other TV and newspapers, will give to you, your team and windsurfing, largely traced antenna to the limits imposed your ocean . Can be a DVD in Special Wind or board mag mag !
    The pro windsurfers coasted to you for years because they are discreet about your blog, I think they can let go now that you pay tribute to.
    Vive le windsurf, Congratulations again and, you do really part of the elite waverideur unusual, your travels , your lifestyle and your cool attitude commands respect.
    Bravo Sarah.

  39. lucileW
    6 March 2012

    I think many of you, keeps morale, You are a hero to the rest of the world !

  40. Christian Koester
    6 March 2012

    Hi Sarah ! What do you have all ready windsurfing it´s ower satisfaction ,,
    sorry the open ocean conditions has been to harder , your decision to stop it´s apreciated too …
    Everything fantastic and majic … Lol !
    Sincerly all the best for you , and better winds are wellcame too !

  41. jeff17
    6 March 2012

    Considering the recent videos : for successfully navigating the cleat, as long edges on, almost downwind in these sea conditions, force ça Le Respect !
    However, you proved that the thing is definitely doable with a alizée better oriented and more “normal” strength.
    I noticed the “for this time” Title …

  42. Tybo
    6 March 2012

    It's amazing what you have done and you can be proud of what you have done because it is an achievement that will inspire many of us to perform actions much more modest.
    We are with you and we wish you all the courage possible for more.
    “Kimbe raid Moli pa!” as they say at St. Francis.

  43. Luke
    6 March 2012

    Sarah, thank you for these moments of joy, Toughness, Discovery and complicity and congratulations for the courage to take the decision to stop. It is in these moments of renocement that you appreciate the moral force of a person like you. Even if I became addicted to the blog …
    Thank you and goodbye to new challenges or not !


  44. Arthur C
    6 March 2012

    Sad for you, but how many things already accomplished ! Your courage and determination are exemplary . Rest in peace and continue like that ! Good luck :)

  45. wilhelm villainous man
    6 March 2012

    Sarah, what you did was, is and always will be extraordinary. Hope you recover fast. Best of regards.

  46. didi92500
    6 March 2012

    Bravo Sarah, wonderful what you doing here… Seen your courage and your physical strength, hat, You're a great lady !!!! Many people who are healthy would not have made a quarter of what you've done. It's fantastic, I never would have thought that someone carrying a def would have gone as far with the constraint that implies, Food, the physical and mental strength…. Rest in peace and we come back very quickly in the form… Good luck. Lydia

  47. Brooke Ontario Canada
    7 March 2012

    Sarah no need to hang your head you have made all windsurfers proud.

  48. James
    7 March 2012

    Courageous effort. Well done from a fellow windsurfer – huge accomplishment irrespective of the outcome.

  49. William
    7 March 2012

    Bravo Sarah, this is a wonderful adventure and a very wise decision to know when to stop. There 15 years a young man came to Scandinavia in Nepal by bike, entammé then had to climb Everest. A few meters from the summit of dizianes he had been able to say stop, had given up going further and had dropped. His wisdom was hailed by the world of mountaineering with greater force than a few days later, others did not have this lucidity and ascension had ended in tragedy. Brief, know when to stop does not alter the beauty of your adventure, but grew adventurer. Good.

  50. Fred
    7 March 2012

    Your is BIG !
    On behalf of all windsurfers amateurs who spend most of their time on c.. on a chair to dream of navigate more often I can say that having followed you from day to day on your adventure made me a very foolish.
    I'm not sad tone of abandonment, I'm glad you jiuste happened so far and especially glad that you stay in good shape to continue your wake.
    I hope you get a little thought we (those who spend their time on c… on a chair) ;-)

  51. beebop
    7 March 2012

    Deep respect for what you have to do and gives you up fast !!! congratulations .

  52. Guy-Luc
    7 March 2012

    Meet at St. Francis and then to Morne-à-Eau if you have a little time to spend with my students.
    Hugs from Guadeloupe

  53. Guy MANES
    7 March 2012

    Maruruu Sarah for this great lesson of courage and great challenge that you shared with all who have followed you. You have the humility of a great fighter and I am certain that this adventure is only a postponement. See you soon perhaps for large banks drive with your friends on our Polynesian and New Caledonian lagoons.

  54. Sarah Hebert : “I'm exhausted” | gwadactu
    7 March 2012

    [...] She had made us dream. A 28 years, Sarah Hebert, carrying a heart defibrillator had left the 22 February Dakar, in Senegal. Objective : reach St. Francis in windsurfing. She announced on Tuesday it was dropping : “I'm exhausted, my life depends on it, I give up, for this time!”, it said on its website [...]

  55. katiane
    7 March 2012

    congratulations sarah we know you have put all your heart and that's what compte.CHAPEAU for their courage and determination.

  56. Steve I.
    7 March 2012

    Thank you for showing such amazing courage and taking us along to share in this amazing journey. A wise decision under some extreme conditions. The good news is we are sure to see you again in the many adventures I am sure you are already planning.

    You are an incredible athlete and an example to us all.

  57. Joe
    7 March 2012

    Congratulations Sarah. You have taken a journey that most of us can only dream of taking. One of the most important things in life is to know when to stop. You listened to your body. There will be a tomorrow and another adventure. You are an inspiration to many. Thank you for this wonderful adventure. I’ve enjoyed following your journey and I can’t wait to get back out on the water myself. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  58. With
    7 March 2012

    Im a member of Live Skipper an have been sailing ur dream thank u from us all, you have given me strenth to get over the hurdles that confront us all ,all our love an best wishes I had a friend that past away from cancer in Jan she had a saying Never Ever Give Up, like u she loved life an the oceans

    Cheers Col from The Great Southern Land

  59. Seb Coupy
    7 March 2012

    Sarah, you deserve the respect for your courage and selflessness. It was a challenge, therefore no obligation to follow through. You put all chances on your side, it is also very fortunate to follow the weather and give you the rest that you missed. This was not the end, it is nothing, you lived a very rich time. You go out in grown. It's beautiful, you're committed and you went after the battle.
    Good, brave, brave.
    For my part, I managed to kite in Mauritius Meeting. There 170 km and I sailed 7:14. You made me hallucinate to chain every day the same distance. I wondered how you could take. And you held, very very very long time. Hats off.
    I hope there will the opportunity to speak. Take care and continue to treat your com, it's still a feat that you have done.

  60. paradise
    7 March 2012

    My admiration for your courage, first to start this difficult and demanding windsurf adventure and second to have the courage to listen to your body and put that as first priority. I hope you will be able to recover quickly and completely from the amnesia and can look happy back on a challenge you were brave enough to start. Regards ard.

  61. Fabrice Paillassa
    7 March 2012

    Congratulations Sarah and having arrêté.tu convey a message to all windsurfers: namely:NEVER GO BEYOND THESE FORCES,Stop saying you should know
    This is the message I transmit through our site: http://www.plancheoisepassion.fr on sécurité.Mais I find the already formidable parcour accompli.Encore bravo and you can send us a quick hello.

  62. Thierry
    7 March 2012

    Congratulations Sarah and the entire team, and thank you for making us both dream !
    Reposes yourself well, and I'm sure you'll know you use this experience to go after the next time…

  63. daddy_o
    7 March 2012

    Great respect. my little daughter has a congenital heart error. I hope it will be a lot but without risking her life. I’ll tell you later about your courageous adventure.

    Grand respect. ma petite fille a une erreur de cardiopathie congénitale. J’espère qu’il y aura beaucoup, mais sans risquer sa vie. Je vais vous dire plus tard à propos de votre aventure courageuse.

  64. FXJ
    7 March 2012

    Bravo Melle, there is no “superman” at sea or elsewhere, thank you for having demonstrated with all the candor of your dreams for the happiness of all.

  65. Andersbq
    7 March 2012

    Sorry you did not make it all way, but the right decision. You did well and gave all. respect!

  66. Jason McGlashan
    7 March 2012

    bad luck on your trip. Its amazing how a little thing can set you back a long way. Being on the sailboard isnt as easy as on a boat where you can rest. I used to race sailboards for years winning many championships. I wish you luck in any future adventure. I have a few of my own adventures I will be planning in the near future. Good luck stay safe and have fun

  67. christophe mathieu
    7 March 2012

    sarah congratulations from all the teams capvert- labarbade because you can follow us to show how difficult the journey and good life before all resolution …. hoping soon you even when you will be back in Brittany christophe

  68. Hugues Van Reet
    7 March 2012

    Hats off to Sarah for this wonderful challenge we have been able to live blog by interposed. You were after the end of your forces in Dantesque conditions and waive was a wise decision and in no way a failure, because if we have given everything, it has not lost. With such a challenge, we learn about ourselves and the ocean even if your experience was already high. Thank you for making us dream and live this challenge and to the accompaniment team that deserves, also, our admiration.
    Fair winds later in your adventures!
    Amitiés d'un Belge windsurfeur

  69. Hubert Guillemot
    7 March 2012

    Bravo Sarah, it will always be a great adventure and I'm glad you followed, thank you .
    Welcome back to you.

  70. Banyouls
    7 March 2012

    Sarah, your career deserves our respect, because very few people who dared to tackle such a challenge, both physical and mental.
    Recovering well from this adventure.

  71. given
    7 March 2012

    I'm glad your adventure and achievement
    You remain a great sport for me and a great CALEDONIAN
    It is a wise decision and the moral grader
    I can sleep peacefully
    Again, congratulations and respect

  72. Windsurfing Tunisie
    7 March 2012

    Captivated, and adminiration, we all are. We follow your journey and the challenge of the titans daily. We all know that this is only a postponement… Neptune bankrupt even lose his crown and trident… thou hast made him see all the colors… we do not mess with the Nouméenne !!! Good !!!

  73. Wolfgang
    7 March 2012

    First, I congratulate you with all my heart to your heart for this great project. Often I had this thought in windsurfing, it would be like driving in the open sea. Not a realistic option, more than a dream. You turned this dream into a realistic option. Is it not fantastic? Regardless of how the case is now assumed that you risked the unimaginable, that only deserves great respect. Perhaps it is possible you still think of good food in this adventure, just like in the movie “Zorba”, where Anthony Quinn in the face of failure begins to dance.
    In Psalm 93, the dit: "The floods have lifted, Yahweh ô, the floods lift up their voices, the floods lift up their waves resounding. More than the voice of many waters, powerful waves of the sea, Yahweh is great in the hills!“
    Perhaps the time has something to learn and very diffile, but opens many doors: humility.
    Good luck with your other projects, I will continue to monitor with interest!

  74. Julian
    7 March 2012

    Freeman, you will always cherish the sea! The sea is your mirror; you contemplate your soul.
    An excerpt from Baudelaire, to maintain the courage and determination you showed.

    Beautiful demonstration of will.
    Gives you much.

  75. Franck
    7 March 2012

    even if you did not go after, what you did is a feat ! I'm windsurfers are appreciative of the courage you have shown. The sea is too strong, you are worthy of what had been done in his time Arnaud de Rosnay ... Good luck for the future ! Franck, Montpelier

  76. Finn
    7 March 2012

    What a failure!
    Not! Just kidding!!
    I’m full of admiration of you and your teams endeavour! It is great to have brave woman extending the boundaries of windsurfing!! Bravo!

  77. EricW
    7 March 2012

    I know you are a fierce competitor and reaching Saint Francois was your victory but to everyone who followed your journey you were a winner the moment you departed from Dakar. Your tremendous courage, strength and determination are traits we all aspire to achieve. Tally ho Sarah Hebert! -EricW (Mountain View, CA)

  78. Papi
    8 March 2012

    Bravo, but Sarah; Even if you were prevented from going after, what matters to me is to have tried. You have made all the same a long and harsh conditions while my little darling hat. You deserve all my great affection. You will begin, I am sure your will to fight or you will push to’ other adventures and exploits other thing, I know. Blood is known to lie

    9 March 2012

    It is also a great strength that measure its own limits. you made a big deal, and as we read in the many messages in your honor, in the hearts of your fans, YOU ARE A GREAT !!!! Congratulations on your determination, your courage and your parcour. We all think very highly of you and kiss you very hard – side of Poitiers, SCHNEEKONIG family awaits you for a small bubble coupette !!!!

  80. ALADIN
    18 April 2012

    Bravo Sarah, I congratulate you on having to try, I'd like to try with you in when you told us in Dakhla last year but good , the key you're at party, but this is not the end of the world if you could not continue, HEALTH is the most important is if we all we can do what we want to.
    I hope to see you again in Morocco and LONG LIVE THE WINDSURFING

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