Arrivée imminente…

Imminent arrival ...

Sarah is expected to arrive in Guadeloupe to 15h (local time). The arrival is at the St. Francis Yacht Club. Come to welcome.



  1. Hugues Van Reet
    12 March 2012

    I am wholeheartedly with you all to welcome Sarah and, in thought as km separates me from his point of arrival! Brussels (in Belgium!) РSt. Fran̤ois, and to the distance.
    A thousand cheers to Sarah! This is only a postponement….

  2. given
    12 March 2012

    Sorry not to be for the arrival of a wonderful adventure
    Maybe one day we renconterons us !!!!!!

  3. Arlette Welsh
    12 March 2012

    a bit far to welcome you ,enjoying the sunshine as not very hot in Finistère!!! Encores

  4. Charleli
    12 March 2012

    Welcome back to earth
    Enjoy this little slice of heaven
    J hope you will know your troubles recovering from physical to fresh start

  5. Low
    12 March 2012

    can’t wait 4 your second attempt. . .
    thank you 4 sharing your story . . .
    You inspired a lot of people to follow there hearths . . .
    Thank You yhong Sarah . . . .

  6. O.K
    18 March 2012

    … De l’âme je félicite…. Il y a des Femmes dans “les villages français”… (… De la classique russe… – le cheval arrêtera en courant, dans l’isba brûlant entrera (… L’océan passera sur windsurf…)…)

    … Nous attendons à Odessa (… Près de la mer la plus “bleue”!)

  7. O.K
    18 March 2012

    … With all the heart I congratulate…. There are Women in “the French settlements”… (… From the Russian classics… – a horse at full tilt will stop, into a burning log hut will enter (… The ocean will pass on surf…)…)

    … We wait in Odessa (… At the most “dark blue” sea!)

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