Merci à vous tous!

Thank you all!

Hello all,

After resting healer here I am again facing my office a few days ago I discovered all your messages of support. And it makes me really heart-warming. What a joy to see that during the challenge, positive waves have traveled by hundreds on the web. It's fantastic, a great gift. Thank you.

For my part, I'm back in Britain. The time is now in the balance sheet. That emotions experienced since the start of preparation until the arrival of STEF Transatlantic Windsurf. A rich learning that allowed me to create a project and complete it. The decision to stop for a sports High Level has not been easy, but in exceptional circumstances, exceptional decision. A bout of strength, my life was in danger. Only on my board, I could only count on me to get out. Later the boat was there follower, but I was three quarters of the time only to see them. Loss of consciousness in such a context could have been dramatic. Then once back on board, rest and after a vain attempt to start, I took the time to think. I thought the mother Floch,, illustrious character of the Quiberon peninsula, which in 80 years (if not more) always works alone and griddle. Before I left she said, "especially if it is too hard and that it is no longer possible, stop you. Life is good and valuable, he must take care. You remember what I told you ?!». I also thought the services of CPR I have known, and all patients that I have come across, and I thought the game was not worth the candle. I realized that I had been lucky to live it all, all these beautiful and tough days at sea, succeed and that it was also able to say stop. So I have taken five minutes to climb the few stairs to the starboard hull and went to tell my decision to Captain. It's amazing how sometimes the time is idling !

Ensued nights under the full moon from the Atlantic to watch the plankton in the wake of the boat and to understand what had happened. The magic was always there, and over water my strength returned. The blurred vision lasted a few days, and then one morning a few miles from the finish, dying to navigate back to me with the force required to do so. So one last time, to arrive in Guadeloupe with my friends windsurfer, I rigged my gear and I threw myself into the water. Intense pleasure to be back in my element. The arrival was very warm, although in these cases everything is done to the sailor at ease, his heart is still at sea. Assaulted by noise and the world, I had the impression that as the baby comes out of the womb.

Today I feel better physically and I found my bearings on the waves of the beautiful coast of the peninsula of Quiberon.

The beauty of this adventure was the path, because the key is not so much the goal but the choice we made for touch. This path was worthy of a novel. I met some great people, I spoke with my heart, and they replied with their. There is a lot of work and even concession to mount such an expedition, but the reward is equal to the energy expended. I am rich from what I've lived, and I still do not measure the benefits.

Your stories have touched me, know you share my message has a lot of sense to me. I am not a woman invincible, nature was stronger than me, this time she did not let go, but it will not always be the case. Anyway no matter, I'm glad I lived my dream.

For the rest it is a beautiful blank page for me with open arms, to me to give to their heart desires in order to draw my.


Thank you to my partners for sharing the ship with me :

STEF, Boston Scientific.

O’neill, Naish, the Council of Morbihan, HECA Credit Agricole.

The House of Women, home of New Caledonia, Carnac Thalasso and Spa ressort, Jeewin, Sunday, the St. Francis Yacht Station, Be Tomorrow.

The Ministry of Overseas and lifeboat rescue at sea. The APODEC combination defibrillator wearers in France and the association Louis Carlesimo.

Thank you to the individual donors who participated in the project's success.

Merci à mon agent Catherine.

Thank you to my friends, the band St Co, to my family, you and Pierre.





  1. Arlette Welsh
    26 March 2012

    Thank you for having read the messages that you Earthlings have supported !! you will live a long time with the memories of the CHALLENGE!! Hugs North Finistere.

  2. Hugues Van Reet
    26 March 2012

    Message all imbued with wisdom and demonstrating the full value of a great Lady from the Sea.
    It was a pleasure to see you (via video) and read you for sharing this wonderful adventure that gave me chills indescribable. It was nice and big, Sarah!
    Again thank you for all the emotions that you have provided to the community of windsurfing “all around the world”.
    Good wind, Sarah.

    • Raynald Masson
      26 March 2012

      'Since you found Laterre Breton j,hope that we will end soon
      Directors and employees of Crédit Agricole in Britain have followed your adventure with emotions and affection. I convey to them your message

  3. yanntos
    26 March 2012

    A very very big applause for this amazing adventure that I took from Carnac.
    Back in St CO?

  4. Denis
    26 March 2012

    Goods Goods Sarah
    Be who you are
    To do what you do
    To say what you think
    I saw, I believe, j'atteste
    To everyone I can testify
    On their behalf I place here for you
    A smiling sun to illuminate
    Your life continues with intense heart
    You, rich of this crossing
    We, rich of you

  5. christophe Lépine
    26 March 2012

    simply thank you for being a good person,ta force, your wisdom, your volontée,it pulls you up.
    Greetings from the Aber Wrach

  6. Michel Lefort
    26 March 2012

    The important thing is not where you go but the way to get there. You have shown courage by saying No !, of wisdom and understanding.
    Neptune City only on you ! I think he is proud of you. As we poor earthlings.
    For fun, I invite you to my home in August for regatta CNIA to the island of Aix.

  7. Fernand Muller
    26 March 2012

    dear Sarah
    in life we ​​must learn to make decisions that will not endanger your own life, but that will not go in the direction to improve your situation.
    I stopped Aviation ( Sports , addict,) by a whim, because I was so lucky in this beautiful sport, I thank God for giving me 2 second life. When one sees his friends disappear in stupid accidents we reflect benefit!!
    Hat that you made!
    Regards from Luxembourg
    Fernand Muller

  8. Wolfgang
    26 March 2012

    Good to have you with us your experience you shared at sea. Every day, I watched almost impatient, if your blog already contained new. The projection of all desires to the elemental force of the sea, all that was contained. No noise, not the new loud! Therefore, wonderful to read you again.

  9. marquis
    26 March 2012

    Grand respect … Bravo et.

  10. Yvette
    27 March 2012

    Positive waves have traveled on the web, and in the press, and they will have somehow accompanied. I think your performance has exceeded the audience of specialists, and interested persons of diverse.
    Thank you for everything you have done us share. Maybe your blog could continue to communicate on your path even if it is diversified. It would be interesting.

  11. Christophe
    27 March 2012

    Sarah Bravo et goods. Thank you for your courage and your example. Your challenge was for me a source of immense hope.
    You can continue to windsurfing and challenge themselves despite a passage through the box realistic cardiovascular.
    Especially do not change.

  12. given
    27 March 2012

    Congratulations for your courage
    If I had not had the new Caledonian internet I would not want to sue a CALEDONIAN crossing the Altantic in windsurfing
    In France I have not heard anything either television or radio of this adventure

  13. YScouf
    27 March 2012

    Hello Sarah
    Thank you for your email and congratulations for the project : really had to do except go to the end. Many would not have had the strength to organize and launch it, many would not have the miles you've traveled nav !
    Jeff 17 has calculated in the 1600 : it's almost here ? Whose days over 100 miles, in this beautiful cross swell by a large broad reach ! Fastoche ;the)
    Realize his dreams without following through is in the own dreams, of adventure… I think it was St Ex adventure that compared to a horizon, that as soon as we approached, vanished to reappear further, border of the imagination :the)
    You were given the means to approach this dream and to imagine or make others to follow
    Looking forward to the next nav
    Mary & Yves

  14. Christian Koester
    28 March 2012

    Hello Sarah ,
    I´m very glad to have meet you here , to have folowed your fantastic adventure , and my respect for your decision to have stoped in right time .
    The true ist even iff was not complete , do you have try it , and you was all ready far way …
    Beautfull , you have maked !
    Dónt forget , I make fins and very fast ones , iff you whant test them , just mail me ! They are real Custom Made .
    Any way , evverything good and forwards best Winds for you .
    Best regards , Aloha Christian

    ps , I now Quiberon , I have been Windsurfing in that beach on the left side from the road before the Quiberon point , I mean in Bretagne , nice area very much good for Windsurfing . Bbye

  15. Olive
    29 March 2012

    Sarah Goods, because of you dreams are made to be realize ….Olive

  16. Laure
    30 March 2012

    Bonjour Sarah
    Congratulations on this adventure full of passion, of joy
    and above all, courage.
    It warms my heart and makes you want to go beyond their limits and believe in your dreams.
    Good luck

  17. Ricou
    2 April 2012


    What you do is already a crazy thing !!

    You went to the end of your limits and you have your dream come close, is essentially

    The side of the ocean waiting, it is a matter of time I think

    An ocean is the project of a lifetime, board and especially especially if you intend to set a record time

    We will say that this first crossing was a test, a discovery phase.
    Then you need to use all observations and findings that have been made to increase the chances of success of the next crossing.

    On a personal, I love you read or listen to you because like all passionate people you live what you say and that's wonderfully pretty sight ! Almost as if you had built the underwater world and lived in you ...

    So listening to you you feel good in this universe fluid, almost like fish in water .... lol

    I think that's what feels almost everyone here, hence the collective enthusiasm..

    Good luck and thank you for what you offer us !

  18. henry Torres
    2 April 2012

    Bravo Sarah, thanks to your courage, I even have a defibrillator, you gave me
    the desire to start, windsurfing. Many thanks to you a.
    Continues to believe in your project crossing.

  19. eric
    4 April 2012

    It's probably too late to comment, although it is never too late to do !
    Sarah has to show everyone that you can live your dreams. live your dreams is a chance !
    Too few dare to live their dreams
    but a dream is not necessarily a high-level sporting achievement.
    This is a dream start, and each of us can undertake !
    Undertake an operating sports, take a good deed, undertake an economic activity…..
    We lack examples like sarah, and unfortunately the press prefers to tell the bad news rather than good….
    If the world does not go down the slope, is that some (sarah comme ) Gravisse the mountain !
    Encore bravo Sarah !

  20. Sarah
    4 April 2012

    And yes there have never too late!
    Thank you for all these beautiful messages, I did not think he Would there so many people receptive to my message.
    From my heart thank you.

  21. WALID
    30 April 2012

    brave! un windsurfer.

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