Sarah, au fil de l’eau et des mots…

Sarah, over water and words…

Sarah and her team are only a few miles from Saint François in Guadeloupe. Sarah rested during the last few days and recover his health. Fatigue evaporates gradually as the miles slip under the hull.

The wind is significantly weakened gave way to a sea plane. This familiar scene could resemble that of his beloved New Caledonian lagoon, the world's largest. This is a sea that is home to a multitude of islands scattered. Here no island but a life that is increasingly present. Starting yesterday , a beautiful bird with the long white tail, straw in the tail came cross our wake, plus tard un tanker, a steamer passed us to starboard.

These conditions are also thinking of the Caspian Sea, calm with few waves that break on the ridge. A sea that Sarah knows this well and the decor invites all his friends think of Armenians. The ripple of the waves adds an air of mystique to the table, all topped by a gray sky full of clouds with multiple forms all as original as each other.

The team is responsible as it can, music program, film. From time to time a head comes in haste by a shell to fall on the reel of the fishing rod, screaming at her over his escaping at high speed. Unfortunately no fish in our pot yesterday. Rest assured you will not hunger Sarah and her team, indeed they have a few grams of algae, caught here and there.

Time seems to stand still. And what better way to enjoy the present moment, and watch with serenity which took place on days spent. Lulled by the gentle lapping of the waves, Sarah ponders the situation and analysis.

Under mainsail and gennaker, Neptune's Car doing its best to get them to destination, but the large slides in recent days have now given way to a slow progression. Under the sound of banging halyards on the mast, he trudges in a wind blowing barely 10 nodes. Under these conditions, we will surely Guadeloupe to St. Francis in the late afternoon Monday (local time). Again here in the Atlantic is the wind that decides.

To occupy his time Sarah enjoys the ocean to the sweet sound of the audio book by Jules Verne and reading the book written by Tatiana de Rosnay the evocative title: the heart of another. A moving story about the feelings that may have transplant, and the magic of meetings, life simply.

This weekend, Sarah had the great joy of having children on the phone the club through the hospital bulion. An explosion of color and sound in his ears. Not always easy to understand when the voice travels several kilometers and passes through a satellite, but regardless of the children were there, curious to hear his story. Sarah was also very happy to know that their health was improving, and that for some their crossing of the disease would soon be up. What a lesson to mix small pieces of woman and man of courage and joie de vivre so strong. Sarah has only one desire, review them and tell them everything in detail.

Meanwhile Sarah gave a class assignment: “Why the Sea Is Salt?” And you know you?



  1. Sylvie captain of the frigate
    12 March 2012

    Hello Sarah, congratulations for this crossing, this is super strong that you have done. Through this experience, you can start the adventure all the way this time. Really is a magnificent achievement to have covered the whole distance standing on your board, single face to the wind and waves.
    I wish you a safe arrival at St. Francis. I see on the photo blog of the day, that yellow algae are still legion in off Guadeloupe. They landed in force in August, following a major storm, and have marred the beauty of many beaches and pleasure of sea bathing… I know, because I was there !
    I kiss you hard and hope to hear soon a detailed account of your adventures.
    Friendships :


  2. Christian Koester
    12 March 2012

    Mutch wellcame at your home Sarah ! Was great !
    Regards Christian .

  3. Low
    12 March 2012

    because salt dissolves in water , and water vaporizes by the Sun.

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