Boston and Me
A history of heart !

Boston et moi

Since more than three years, I am part of the great family of Boston Scientific, I travel to various conferences around the world. And it is always with a lot of emotion that I tell my story to the men and women who work for a better life.


Nice : International Exhibition of Cardiology

I participated twice in this international conference.. For me as patient, it is an exceptional opportunity to be able to move in this area and meet with the best specialists of the discipline. Seeing the progresses made in terms of size of the equipment in particular is very interesting. I am fortunate to be supported by a leading brand in the field and I am often impressed by the number of people it takes to create this little box ! For the second year, Boston Scientific has invited professionals to participate in a charity race for the association APODEC. So I put on my sneakers and ran alongside the employees of the company as Geraldine and Eric Varoqui Thépaut that damn fishing !


Minneapolis : Quality Day

Boston Scientific loves organizing "Quality Days", days during which the company promotes and enhances the quality of work of its employees, all the service performance of their products. It is also an opportunity to invite patients like me to show them how quality is essential to us. I'm always very moved to see all those people who, in my view, participate fully to make possible the life I lead today. For this conference which brings together a vast number of employees from the US, I had the pleasure to speak in front of 4 000 people, in English. I also was allowed to see the production site and the employees that makes some of the cans for the defibrillator. High-tech miniaturized, breathtaking precision !

Marrakesh :

In 2011 It is with great joy that I met the Africa and "middle east", a very joyful team with whom I had a great time in Marrakech. The sales teams are invited to participate in conferences and workshops to discover new products and strategies. I was just there to help them assess how they contribute to improving the lives of future patients. It was also an opportunity to show them that we have many common points in our activities, sport and company dynamic are always closely connected with shared values ​​such as self-transcendence, rigor, training etc.. Guided by the local Youssef El Khamlichi, I had a great time to discover this magical city and I've even been able to sail in Moulay not far from Essaouira ! Choukran !


Thank you all, allowing me to continue to live my dreams, "With the heart everything is possible" and with you more !
I am very proud to share the same values ​​that you..
« Making it more possible », it is not just a slogan, it is a reality, daily!