The team on the water

L’équipe et le bateau

Sarah & her board:


26 years professional sports, Energy to spare, an indomitable will, and a boundless passion for the marine and winter sports.

The windsurf board : my companion during 25 days, a public board of the brand Naish Sails. 4 boards and two sets of 5 sails, the boards are in the range Grand Prix and Indy sails are masked with the colors of the crossing !


The team on the water :

Captain : Philippe Chapel
Physio : Denis Debrand
Photographe Cameraman : Peter Bouras

And myself !

The follower boat : Neptune’s car (


The boat that will follow me called “Nepture Car’s”, with it if I can not safely, is that I really had no luck. Joking aside it is a beautiful sailing catamaran 15 meters long 10 meters wide. Philippe Chapel owner of this vessel, an experienced sailor and good living will be our captain for the duration of this adventure.
I am happy to pass along this beautiful boat with these 100m2 main sail across the ocean to the natural! It is important to me to minimize our impact on nature.

The shore team :

Physical Trainer : Michael Pucel
Sports Agent: Catherine Gaudeau

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