Who is Sarah Hebert ?

Sarah, higher in open sea

Sarah, élevée au grand large …

I lived the 12 early years of my life around the world, on a sailboat with family. These years marked me for life and are an integral part of my personality.
Rocked by the waves, I grew up in contact with a multitude of cultures and landscapes, This has certainly provided a useful open mind to adapt to all life experiences.
Since 10 years, I continue to travel the globe to participate in international competitions in windsurfing.


Defibrillator to live 100% !

Un défibrilateur pour vivre à 100%

There 4 year during a routine medical examination discovered I was a heart rhythm disorder.
Despite further investigations specialists find nothing. But as a precaution, doctors advise me the installation of a defibrillator to continue to live 100% !

Today I live as before. After the post-operative pain and mental work required to accept this operation 22 years, I managed to find the highest sporting level. Two months after my introduction I won the European Championships. This test has made me stronger and this crossing is a way to push my physical and mental limits. I want to especially send a strong message : all dreams are possible despite the difficulties of life, because “With the heart everything is possible ! ».

100% Nature

100% Nature

As a sailing trip, I kept a taste for the simple and natural things. Windsurfing is a way for me to stay in touch and in harmony with nature. I also like the daily give me time to go back to basics, as maintain my garden that feeds me most of the year in organic fruit and vegetables, September is the time for figs, So I regale my friends with my homemade jams, Autumn is the mushroom and the rest of the time I travel the country carnacoise bike to discover new paths and new areas of pickings !


Waterwoman accomplie


In recent years I have increased the ways to enjoy snow sports, practicing new sports. That’s how I became what we call in our jargon a Waterwoman, Today in addition to windsurfing, I’m having also kitesurf, stand up paddle surfing and most recently in ! It’s a real accomplishment for me to practice all sports, we can say that in a lot full circle ! Comme quoi m’aura the fallu 26 years to get to the point : surfing !