Only a few days before the big departure!

Plus que quelques jours avant le grand départ!

My hands tickle me and my feet do not hold in their boots, the departure is close and I feel it well!
I am potentially more than 15 days away from the start, the date will be dependent on the weather will remain uncertain until 3 days before my departure. It’s only 3 days before our router tells us that we have to pack our bags to get to Dakar. What can I look forward to!
The day of Sunday, January 15 was for me a magical, unforgettable moment. I had made an appointment with the whole team at the Aber Wrach ‘to find the boat “Neptune Car” and its captain. It was for me the first face to face with the one that will be my only landmark for 25 days. Discover the sails and hull this beautiful catamaran of 15 meters was really moving. I now know the little hull that will welcome me every night after my big day of navigation. I could also discover my cabin at the front of the left hull, now my dreams are even more imaged.
Around a table covered with steaming pancakes, it was with great pleasure that I was able to discuss with the team of the challenge. How lucky to have at my sidemen of quality, passionate, efficient and of great humanity.
Captain Philippe Chapel is the one who will give us the course. To assist him Pierre Maurice prof ‘kite will ensure the quarters and settings of the boat and the recovery of my equipment at the end of the day. Pierre Bouras is the photographer/cameraman of the crossing. Finally Denis Debrand the physio who thanks to his fingers of fairy will allow me to arrive in Guadeloupe in one piece.
The boat was launched yesterday, it will set sail for Dakar early next week.
At this moment in Paris I answer interviews of journalists. I was able to discover the live on a large TV channel with the health journal on France 5, it was cool and very interesting to see the TV from inside! Seeing the offices of France Info on a Sunday morning lets imagine the anthill that it must be the days of burning news. Paris is not really where I feel most comfortable, but it’s part of the way.
Well, soon I’ll be alone on my plate in the middle of the Atlantic!

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