Day 7 : beautiful day for Sarah nav

J7 : belle journée de nav pour Sarah

Yesterday was a great day of sailing for Sarah: 105 miles travelled in the day. Difficult conditions, sea will not have formed very correct in determining Sarah. On rising in the morning, She had told us : “I’ll swallow miles today”. Established a wind 25 knots with peaks at 30 nodes effectively allowed Sarah to move quickly, but also forced to change their equipment to last! It is grown from a veil of 5.8 m to 5.2 m and a plate of 110L to 95L.

Its navigation was also rich in meetings. As she surfed the Atlantic, to starboard, Sarah crossed the path of a cargo, that the master has surely been surprised to see a woman windsurfing on his way. A meeting “more” natural also delighted his day. As she paused to feed, Sarah took the company with the arrival of a bird coming to (re)ask his board before returning immediately, understanding that this meal was not for two.

Beautiful and surprising encounters that gave a smile to Sarah. Although exhausted from his day, She told us to have taken immense pleasure to sail together….!


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