Day 8 – Sarah on the rise!

Jour 8 – Sarah a le vent en poupe !

Armed with courage, beyond his control standards, Sarah connects the days of sailing in the open ocean.
Yesterday was rough but not too much left traces. No doubt his motivation outweighs fatigue.
Sarah decided to cash the trade winds blow stronger than anticipated weather. A wind holder that allows Sarah to advance at high speed towards the Caribbean. 20 nodes announced, over 25 nodes actually mean with peaks at 30.
Sarah realizes that every detail counts and every morning she prepares his equipment carefully. When conditions so require, it proceeds to appropriate change, because the idea is to sail on the duration, without too much draw on its resources.
Perfectly prepared, Sarah cash the miles, waves and swells that make it no gift. Shocks are hurting his knees and thighs, but his preparation ahead of the challenge it is a great help and allows it to withstand.
To keep the angle necessary to reach the Caribbean, Sarah navigates in an uncomfortable position, the pivot body, his feet push forward and his arms to restore the right to go back to the swell capricious.
Last night the sky was dotted with clouds, announcing the weather conditions even harsher in the coming days. Sarah is ready to meet this new challenge.

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