Unfortunate technical stop…Sarah Hebert and her team had to stop after a security problem.

Sarah Hébert et son équipe sont contraints de faire une escale technique.

Sarah Hebert and her team were forced to travel to the island of Sal in Cape Verde for a technical stop. After a few hours sailing the heavy weather conditions pushed Sarah to change her gear for a smaller board and a smaller sail. Unfortunately, Sarah’s satellite phone felt into the sea when she boarded the Neptune (the following boat). Chacha the captain tried everything to relocate the phone but nothing could be done..

“there is a very rough sea this morning with a 20 to 25 knots wind 20-25 knots. “ Sarah Hebert: “I started this morning with my 125 litres board and my 6.4 m² sail. But I quickly realized that the sail was too big for this wind and sea conditions. I also decided to change my gear in order to continue my route peacefully “

When boarding onto the boat Sarah’s bag with the sécurity material felt in the Atlantic. Sarah and her team choose not to take any risk sailing without this precious security equipment. Last Thursday, without this satellite phone, the team, on the following boat, has no other mean to keep in contact with Sarah without this tool in case she’s out of the covering range of the VHF. She could not be located I case something happened!!!.

The whole team decided to sail in direction of the island of Sal in Cape Verde for a technical stop in order to get two new satellite phone. They will normally continue the challenge next Saturday, February 25th.

Sarah explanations in this video :
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See more of Sarah’s adventure at https://windsurf-transatlantic.com/

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