SUP Fitness Yoga classes

SUP Fitness / Yoga classes every day from July – August,
at Carnac: 9:15 – 10:15 SUP YOGA – 10:45 – 11:45 SUP FITNESS.
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Stand Up Paddle, if it still needs to be introduced, is a great surfboard where you paddle up with a paddle. For 5 years this activity is booming in France. In our American neighbors the discipline continues to flourish with new forms of practice such as SUP Fitness or SUP Yoga.


Why practice SUP?
Because it’s easy, accessible and above all good for your health.

Because it’s the only sliding sport that you can practice immediately, without any particular physical condition or difficult and expensive training.

Because the stand up paddle board is really accessible to everyone: family, sports, seniors, people with reduced mobility …

Because you can engage in multiple activities on your SUP: fitness, yoga, excursions, bird watching, meditation, training and even fishing!

Because you can discover different types of water bodies: sea, canals, lakes, rivers, ponds, swamps …

How is a SUP Fitness / Wellness session?
15 min warm up and learn the basics of SUP

20 min of Fitness exercises: legs, abs, glutes, arms, cardio.

10 minutes of relaxation inspired by Yoga, Pilates and Stretching methods.

45 minutes of fun and effort outdoors, on the water. In the field of Fitness Outdoor, SUP Fitness / Wellness is a discipline that promises to emulate this summer.

Special rates:
1 group lesson (5 pers max): 35 € / pers
Card 5 classes: 150 € (save 25 euros)
10 course card: 250 € (save 100 euros)
Personalized coaching: 50 € the session
SUP material and combinations provided. Think about your sunscreen and the bottle of water at the return of your session!


Club offer:
(if you are a club and want to add the SUP Fitness / Wellness activity to your card)

5 € commission for the club (excluding road and lodging expenses)

30 € for the coach and rental board
Event offer:
(if you organize an event and want to animate your village and offer a free activity to visitors)

350 € (HT) Rental of 10 boards for a day

400 € (exc. VAT) Remuneration of the coach *

From 3 days, possibility of decreasing rates depending on the number of days on site.

* excluding travel and accommodation expenses

SUP Group


The coach:
Sarah is 30 years old, professional windsurfing sportswoman, holder of a STAPS license, a first degree sailing certificate and trained in first aid. She is a yoga teacher and certified teacher of SUP Fitness Yoga with the yoga alliance label.


Equipment :
Classes and walks will be realized with the Mana Air 11.6 boards of the brand NAISH. Leader in the world of Stand Up Paddling, this brand offers a guarantee of quality for extreme comfort and safety at all events. Chosen for its accessibility, lightweight and easy to carry the Mana Air 11.6 will be the partner of your discoveries.


Place of practice:
SUP by SarahThe courses will mainly take place in the Morbihan, between the Trinités sur mer and Gâvres, but other courses will be offered in Brittany, to follow on the schedule of the SUP Fitness Yoga activity.

(photo: taken in New Caledonia, the color of the water is almost the same in Ria d’Etel! Si si!)
Theme walk:
Label Rando Nautique Brittany

– Gastronomic outing: discovery of Carnac oyster farmers and tasting.

– Night out at full moon.

– The round of tuna boats: Museum of tuna boats and its stroll in the estuary of Etel.

– The tour of St Cado or Mont St Michel 56!

– Crach ‘River and its harbor runners off.

– The bird track of the small sea of Gâvres


Want to learn how to teach the SUP fitness yoga?
Then sign up for the 3 intensive training days where you will learn all you need to know to be a pro of this new aquatic discipline!


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