La STEF Windsurf Transatlantic 2012, en détail.


This challenge is seconde to none experience as it is the first time the crossing will be done on a classical windsurfing board “one everyone can find on the beach ” . Sarah Hebert will be followed by an escort boat for her full security. she will stop at night to sleep on the boat., after having previously taken the GPS coordinates of the rendez-vous with the Neptune (following Catamaran). This, willl also be able Sarah to leave the next day the same point. The objective, target have maximum transparency on this challenge ! The crew members of the Neptune (following boat) is composed of , three professional sailors, a cameraman and also photographer .


Le défi - Dakar-Pointe-à-PitreHistorical : major crossings Windsurfing

– 1984 : Crossing from Dakar to French Guyana by Christian Marty 37 days, on a classic board from the 80’s.
– 1986 : Traversée from Dakar to French island La Guadeloupe by S. Peyron and A. Pichavant on a special double windsurf with cabines
– 1987 : Crossing of the North Atlantic on a special windsurf boat with cabine by S. Peyron
– 2000 : Crossing from Senegal to the french island La Martinique by R. Le Gouvello on a special windsurfing boat with cabine

My motivations

– to live a unique experience and to go over my limits
– Establish a reference time on the this kind of challenge
– Be the subject of a scientific study in cardiology on the theme “extreme sport with a defibrillator”.
– Use media coverage to communicate on the defibrillator and heart probleme, to inform people, to reassure them , and talk about the problems faced by carriers in our society.

Lire mon livre “With all of the heart is possible”. Ed Eyrolles

L’équipe et le bateau

The team and the boat

Sarah & his board:

Planche Naish-Sarah Hébert

26 years professional sports, Energy to spare, an indomitable will, and a boundless passion for the marine and winter sports.

The windsurf board : my companion during 25 days, a public board of the brand Naish Sails. 4 boards and two sets of 5 sails, the boards are in the range Grand Prix and Indy sails are masked with the colors of the crossing !

The team on the water :

Captain : Philippe Chapel
Physio : Denis Debrand
Photographe Cameraman : Peter Bouras

And myself !

The follower boat : Neptune’s car (

Nepture Car'

The boat that will follow me called “Nepture Car’s”, with it if I can not safely, is that I really had no luck. Joking aside it is a beautiful sailing catamaran 15 meters long 10 meters wide. Philippe Chapel owner of this vessel, experienced sailor and good living will be our captain for the duration of this adventure.
I am happy to pass along this beautiful boat with these 100m2 main sail across the ocean to the natural! It is important to me to minimize our impact on nature.

The shore team :

Physical Trainer : Michael Pucel
Sports Agent: Catherine Gaudeau & Agence communication: Baloo
Web designers / Artistic Director : Guillaume Verdon / Agency logo

Une préparation : pour ne rien laisser au hasard …The preparation

I will make 3 long voyages preparatory to better understand the problems that I might encounter in the Atlantic ; and a physical training daily with the support of my trainer.

Papeete / Raiatea

July ; Estimated: 7h00


200 miles of trail on the largest ocean in the world. In the land of vahines, I would take advantage of the experience of the two best windsurfers Tahitian for a first. Connect the capital of Tahiti, Papeete, the island of Raiatea charm, This crossing will be a real challenge because of its size but also because of the swell on this very important part of the world.

Le récit de cette fantastique traversée.

Le Conquet / Ushant / Le Conquet

September to October ; Estimated: 2h30

65 km journey, objective is to establish the first crossing windsurfing but also record time.
The main difficulty of this course is to face the famous Fromveur, cold and powerful, This ocean current can reach 8 77° f ( 10 nodes and the result of a local fault 60 m depth.
The island of Ushant is notorious for its shipwrecks and storms and traditionally marks the southern entrance to the Channel. On my visit I met the monuments of the French navy history, the famous flagship Créac’h, Stiff, Nividic, Mare, or Kéréon will mark my way.

-Traversée tentée mais pas réalisée-

Isle of Pines / Mare / Lifou / Ouvéa / Hienghene (3 provinces, New Caledonia)

December to January ; Estimated: 10h30

Ile des Pins/Maré/Lifou/Ouvéa/Hienghène (3 provinces, Nouvelle Calédonie)
Le récit de ces 460 kilomètres en étape, this crossing is strong symbol, throughout this journey I will link 3 provinces of New Caledonia. In the process of independence, This is French territory in search of identity !
The message I bring is simply to show that New Caledonia is a unique land, an island that has much of interbreeding 3 provinces namely the Southern Province, the province of the islands and the Northern Province. All together we must build the future of our country and protect this unique ecosystem that is home to hundreds of endemic species.

Les partenaires

Sarah Hébert - Les Partenaires de la traversée

Major Partner

Boston Scientific STEF-TFE, le specialiste europeen de la logistique du froid

Key Partners

O'Neill Naish Conseil Général du Morbihan Crédit Agricole de Bretagne

Official Partners

Maison de la Femme la maison de la Calédonie Thalasso de Carnac Jeewin
Sonntag, custom carbon France Station Nautique St François


Institutional Partners

Ministère de l'intérieur, de l'outre-mer et des collectivités territoriales Les sauveteurs en mer


Apodec L'Association Louis Carlesimo



Avec du cœur, tout est possible !The partners of heart

Olivia Plain, Benoît Martin Realty, Babec Lionel, Taton Gwendoline, Hotel restaurants the Rosters, Com on wheels, Henri Moysan, Pierre Lesueur, Aymeric Battle, Guillaume Verdon, Matthew Lalanne, Thierry Postec, Nicolas Terracol, Odile Patra, Patrick Lhermitte, Olivier Thomas, Benoit Chicken, Emeline Joseph, Guy Capra, Sylvie Hébert, Windsurfing33: Xavier Joly,Michel Raffin, Alexandre Theodet, Bernard Swalduz, Lionel Berthaux, Stephane Guillou, Eric Joonnekindt, Xavier Dumur, Frédéric Kiewski, François Xavier Wiart, Nicolas Wheatear, Alain Montauzou, François Bichelot, Gilles Desert, Georges Dell Erba, William, Jacques, Jean Marc, Julien Augeix, François Legras, William Harness, Michel Rebière, Michel Merceur, Jacques Philiponnet, Pascal Dunoyer de Segonza, Franbcis Nogué, Christophe Colette, Pierre Mimard, Oliver Ponrouch, Erwan Belbeoch, Serge Colette, Olivier Thomas, Gerard Gindreau, Thierry Bizon, Thierry Besnard, Antoine Verhaeghe, Cédric Caden, Xavier Gourgues, Yann Le Corre, Yves Vinals, Eric Barraud, Frederic Sollner, Christine Couturier, Sébastien Allaire Bonhomme, Claude Gineste, Antoine Loriot, Jean Charles Maes, Stéphane Ruiz, Joel Barthes, Frederic BIHEL, Jacques Bagneris, Alexandre Lecuyer, Christophe Adans, Anthony Allard, Gouard, Celine Dupre, Raphael Rooms, Gilles Bevizin, Jean Marie Delapierre, Sébastien Clément, Damien Reynaud, Patrick Pierre Charles, Yves Fitoussi, Marie Pierre Chauray /, Suzanne Hebert


They talk

A chacun sa traversée: windsurf-transatlantic-sarah-hebert

Jean-Camille LaffargueCross the Mediterranean to sail solo

Jean-Camille Laffargue


«One evening in October 2004, the beating of my heart go out of tune. The Camarda I narg: I am a severe heart attack. The doctors manage to save me and I will be implanted with a defibrillator. Since the age of twelve I sail and when my cardiologist told me that it is no longer a question for me to get away from the coast, to sail solo, the world falls apart. I do not support and do not listen. I still want to see my masthead light play with the stars, dolphins flirting with my bow. It decided: I will challenge the snub-nosed, face to face, but on my property: La more! After all, I am never alone with my sentry titanium. I would Hyères / Hammamet with one stop in Sardinia to sleep at least overnight. Then return to Hyeres. I confess that my sentinel rather comforted by his presence even if it never occurred. I won my fight and left in my wake the snub-nosed. This challenge has helped me tame my heart. We finally found, him and me the perfect, harmony. Sarah has also launched an exciting challenge. I do not doubt for one moment to the success of the project: she has the courage, the will to win that will help them to excel to go beyond itself and succeed. It will have a lot of people behind it. »

Mon défi à moiLearn to windsurf at an age when some stops !



It all began in 1995, practicing cycling, I realize that my heartbeat is irregular when I make an effort and the diagnosis is confirmed by an exercise test.

Following tests to determine the problem and determine the best treatment.

But the symptoms persist and worsen, the decision is made to a pacemaker m’implanter, hospital a few days and I go out with a new heart.

But the most difficult to bear is psychological, feel dependent on an electronic device with continuous monitoring of heart rate quickly becomes unbearable.

I take the opportunity to go on terminal leave to settle business in South Brittany and I launched headlong into the practice of water activity intense enough, windsurfing, not easy but through perseverance and advice from friends, I rose quickly and, I realize that what I considered a disability, dope me and I forget my gear.

Today, I sail as soon as conditions allow me, that is between one hundred and one hundred and fifty times a year with lots of friends and m’ Sarah comes to sail with either board or in Stand Up Paddle, I practice activity in recent months. Windsurf transatlantic Sarah Hebert

In brief, This heart problem allowed me to enjoy every moment of life, water sports are ideal to lay your head, build self-confidence, and come to excel, a sweet revenge on the disease.

Since, my first pacemaker was replaced in 2006, by the cardiology team at the hospital of Vannes Chubert follows me from 2002.

BenRediscover the pleasure of starting away from home by bike

Benoît Tallec

« After my introduction, arrested in full swing in my sporting life racing (27 nd license that year); I did not recognize myself unable to get away from me hanging like a breadcrumb trail of anguish.1 only mail exchanged with Sarah and, Little by little I resumed the course of my life, I could launch this new “living challenge”, go back on the road as Sarah Oceans.

I managed to leave far from home on my bike only, without anxiety and , Sarah is not foreign.

His challenge is mine, so all our. Its ocean is my way ! Sarah Goods, You are important to us. »


If you also you are challenged due to your location, send me a short text with a photo and I will be happy to publish them on my site.
Because there are no small challenges and that their profits are still surprising, continue to make our dreams.